Risk management: will identify the possible risks for your Company in order to reduce the risk incidence or transfer them to a specialised insurance company.

Frequently companies can be interconnected either in his production units, sharing buildings, machinery, or distribution channels. In this situation, it is essential to identify and define the basis of the insurance policy. Etvalia provides the company with the necessary tools to define its risk management strategy.

The risk management process is based on three main points:

  • TO KNOW: Identify the risk that could affect your company’s activity.
  • TO ASSESS: To objectively determine the risk intensity and likelihood.
  • TO CONTROL: To establish the identified risks, capital sum and required covers depending on the company’s activity and specific of its reality.

We work for you liaising with your insurers. Our main objective is to establish an architecture of insurance policy that in the damage moment to guaranty the economic losses and will allow the Company management to take the adequate decisions knowing that they have the most favourable coverage and capital sum adjusted.