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Loss Assessors

Peritaciones de Siniestros de Empresas

Loss Assessors

In Spain, the Law of Insurance Contract LC1980 is the legislation governing the insurance sector, and especially Article 38 regulates the intervention of a Loss Adjuster appointed by the policy holder, to advise on the management of an accident.

Why is it important to hire a Loss Assessor advisor if you have an accident?

Because the Loss Assessor uses the same language and practice as the company Loss Adjuster, a fact which can accelerate the resolution of the accident and prevent mistakes detrimental to the insured.

In Etvalia, we are expert Assessors in claim damages and we work strictly in the defence of the insured.

  • We represent the interests of the INSURED COMPANY.
  • We are INDEPENDENT, professionals; we don’t represent any insurance company.
  • We PREPARE the claim damages with the Company, in order to negotiate with loss adjusters.
  • There are many industrial insurance policies that include our professional fees, so they can be RECOVERED as part of the claim.