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Synergy is two actions whose effect jointly is greater than the effect of the two single individual actions. “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts”. 

We believe in interprofessional collaboration creating synergies. We keep up to date with all the developments and innovations in the insurance industry, allowing a continuous improvement in our business/entrepreneur activity.

We belong to the following professional associations:


  • Agers


    (Spanish association of Risk Management and Insurance) a non-profit organisation established in 1984. Its aim is to integrate all the possible methodologies in the global risk management of the organisations via/through Enterprise Risk Management.

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  • Apcas


    (Association of Insurance adjusters/experts and commissioners of damage) is an independent and non-profit organisation for insurance experts and commissioners of damage). The association works across Spain, Europe and internationally. It promotes the creation of an international framework.

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  • Fuedí


    (The European Federation of Loss Adjusting Experts) The Federation aims to promote the independent and impartial profession of loss adjusting for the insurance industry and other areas of commerce.

    The maintenance of high standards of professional conduct and competence are of primary importance.

    Co-operation amongst professional associations in member countries will ensure unification of standards of expertise throughout Europe.

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  • IA ENG


    (The International Association of Engineers) is a non-profit international association for engineers and computer scientists. IAENG was founded in 1968. Its goals are to promote co-operation between professionals in various fields of engineering and to cultivate an environment for the advancement and development of technology.

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